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adidas team speed traxion crew

Product Info
Item Number: ADIV0610 Brand: Adidas Gender: Unisex
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large
Colors: Power Red/White/Black, White/Coll Navy/Lt.Onix, Coll Green/White/Lt. Onix, Intense Pink/Black/White, White/Light Maroon/Lt. Onix, Light Maroon/White/Lt. Onix, Coll Royal/White/Lt. Onix, Black/White/Lt. Onix, Coll Navy/White/Lt. Onix, Lead/White/Light Onix, White/Coll Green/Lt. Onix, White/Black/Lt Onix, White/Power Red/Black, White/Coll Royal/Lt.Onix
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One pair per pack
climalite® fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin
FORMOTION® follows the natural movement of sport for a better fit and greater comfort in motion
Anatomically shaped left and right footbeds enhance the natural movement of the foot
Ribbed leg; Compression for secure fit; Cushioned heel, toe and ankle; TRAXION™ footbed enhances grip and stability
Acrylic / nylon / polyester / natural latex rubber / elastane

Indicates that item is available through Adidas.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
ADIV0610B5A-ADI-635-L Power Red/White/Black Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-635-M Power Red/White/Black Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-635-S Power Red/White/Black Small

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-635-XL Power Red/White/Black X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-CNL-L White/Coll Navy/Lt.Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-CNL-M White/Coll Navy/Lt.Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-CNL-XL White/Coll Navy/Lt.Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-GWO-L Coll Green/White/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-GWO-M Coll Green/White/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-GWO-XL Coll Green/White/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-IPB-L Intense Pink/Black/White Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-IPB-M Intense Pink/Black/White Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-IPB-S Intense Pink/Black/White Small

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-IPB-XL Intense Pink/Black/White X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LML-L White/Light Maroon/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LML-M White/Light Maroon/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LML-XL White/Light Maroon/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LMO-L Light Maroon/White/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LMO-M Light Maroon/White/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LMO-XL Light Maroon/White/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LOR-L Coll Royal/White/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LOR-M Coll Royal/White/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LOR-S Coll Royal/White/Lt. Onix Small

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LOR-XL Coll Royal/White/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LWO-L Black/White/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LWO-M Black/White/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LWO-S Black/White/Lt. Onix Small

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-LWO-XL Black/White/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-NWO-L Coll Navy/White/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-NWO-M Coll Navy/White/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-NWO-S Coll Navy/White/Lt. Onix Small

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-NWO-XL Coll Navy/White/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-PBO-L Lead/White/Light Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-PBO-M Lead/White/Light Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-PBO-XL Lead/White/Light Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WCG-L White/Coll Green/Lt. Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WCG-M White/Coll Green/Lt. Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WCG-XL White/Coll Green/Lt. Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WHO-L White/Black/Lt Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WHO-M White/Black/Lt Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WHO-S White/Black/Lt Onix Small

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WHO-XL White/Black/Lt Onix X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WPR-L White/Power Red/Black Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WPR-M White/Power Red/Black Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WPR-XL White/Power Red/Black X-Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WRT-L White/Coll Royal/Lt.Onix Large

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WRT-M White/Coll Royal/Lt.Onix Medium

ADIV0610B5A-ADI-WRT-XL White/Coll Royal/Lt.Onix X-Large

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Adidas Team Speed Traxion Crew
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