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adidas techfit 4" girl's short tight

Product Info
Item Number: adiv0706 Brand: Adidas Gender: Youth Product Type: Volleyball Shorts
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: Youth SmallYouth MediumYouth Large2xsX-SmallX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Red, WHITE, Navy, Purple, Black, Burgundy, Kelly Green, Maroon/White, Pink, Royal, Shocking Pink/White
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85% Polyester/15% Elastane
Superior Moisture Management
Secure Waistband
Built-In gusset for fit and comfort
Contrast heat transfer adidas logo
Inseam: 4" size M

Indicates that item is available through Adidas.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-2xs Red 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-L Red Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-M Red Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-S Red Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-XL Red X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-XS Red X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-XXL Red 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-YL Red Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-YM Red Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-006-YS Red Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-2xs WHITE 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-L WHITE Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-M WHITE Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-S WHITE Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-XL WHITE X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-XS WHITE X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-XXL WHITE 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-YL WHITE Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-YM WHITE Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-01-YS WHITE Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-2xs Navy 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-L Navy Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-M Navy Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-S Navy Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-XL Navy X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-XS Navy X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-XXL Navy 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-YL Navy Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-YM Navy Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-401-YS Navy Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-2xs Purple 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-L Purple Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-M Purple Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-S Purple Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-XL Purple X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-XS Purple X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-XXL Purple 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-YL Purple Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-YM Purple Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-63-YS Purple Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-2xs Black 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-L Black Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-M Black Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-S Black Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-XL Black X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-XS Black X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-XXL Black 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-YL Black Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-YM Black Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-90-YS Black Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-2xs Burgundy 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-L Burgundy Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-M Burgundy Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-S Burgundy Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-XL Burgundy X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-XS Burgundy X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-XXL Burgundy 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-YL Burgundy Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-YM Burgundy Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-BU-YS Burgundy Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-2xs Kelly Green 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-L Kelly Green Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-M Kelly Green Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-S Kelly Green Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-XL Kelly Green X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-XS Kelly Green X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-XXL Kelly Green 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-YL Kelly Green Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-YM Kelly Green Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-KG-YS Kelly Green Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-2xs Maroon/White 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-L Maroon/White Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-M Maroon/White Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-S Maroon/White Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-XL Maroon/White X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-XS Maroon/White X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-XXL Maroon/White 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-YL Maroon/White Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-YM Maroon/White Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-MW-YS Maroon/White Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-2xs Pink 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-L Pink Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-M Pink Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-S Pink Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-XL Pink X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-XS Pink X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-XXL Pink 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-YL Pink Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-YM Pink Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-PI-YS Pink Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-2xs Royal 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-L Royal Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-M Royal Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-S Royal Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-XL Royal X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-XS Royal X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-YL Royal Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-YM Royal Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-RY-YS Royal Youth Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-2xs Shocking Pink/White 2xs

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-L Shocking Pink/White Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-M Shocking Pink/White Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-S Shocking Pink/White Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-XL Shocking Pink/White X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-XS Shocking Pink/White X-Small

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-XXL Shocking Pink/White 2X-Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-YL Shocking Pink/White Youth Large

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-YM Shocking Pink/White Youth Medium

adiv0706GW2-ADI-SKW-YS Shocking Pink/White Youth Small

Product Reviews: adidas techfit 4" girl's short tight
Adidas Techfit 4 Girl's Short Tight
Size & Fit


runs small runs large


runs narrow runs wide


runs short runs long