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nike legend s/s youth top

Product Info
Item Number: 840178 Brand: Nike Gender: Youth
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large
Colors: Bright Ceramic, University Orange, Apple Green, Black, Carbon/Heather, Coll Navy, Court Purple, Deep Maroon, Game Royal, Gorge Green, Sundown, Team Crimson, Team Maroon, University Red, Valor Blue, White
MSRP: $20.00
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Stay comfortable during your most intense workouts with the Boys' Nike Legend Training Top. Dri-FIT technology pulls sweat away from your skin to help keep you dry so you can stay focused on your moves.

Dri-FIT technology wicks sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable.
Jersey fabric has a soft, lightweight feel.
Crew neckline and short sleeves for unrestricted mobility.


Indicates that item is available through Nike.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
840178GFS-NKE-8CR-L Bright Ceramic Large

840178GFS-NKE-8CR-M Bright Ceramic Medium

840178GFS-NKE-8CR-S Bright Ceramic Small

840178GFS-NKE-8CR-XL Bright Ceramic X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-8CR-XS Bright Ceramic X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-8UO-L University Orange Large

840178GFS-NKE-8UO-M University Orange Medium

840178GFS-NKE-8UO-S University Orange Small

840178GFS-NKE-8UO-XL University Orange X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-8UO-XS University Orange X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-AGR-L Apple Green Large

840178GFS-NKE-AGR-M Apple Green Medium

840178GFS-NKE-AGR-S Apple Green Small

840178GFS-NKE-AGR-XL Apple Green X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-AGR-XS Apple Green X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-B-L Black Large

840178GFS-NKE-B-M Black Medium

840178GFS-NKE-B-S Black Small

840178GFS-NKE-B-XL Black X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-B-XS Black X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-CHZ-L Carbon/Heather Large

840178GFS-NKE-CHZ-M Carbon/Heather Medium

840178GFS-NKE-CHZ-S Carbon/Heather Small

840178GFS-NKE-CHZ-XL Carbon/Heather X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-CHZ-XS Carbon/Heather X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-CoN-L Coll Navy Large

840178GFS-NKE-CoN-M Coll Navy Medium

840178GFS-NKE-CoN-S Coll Navy Small

840178GFS-NKE-CoN-XL Coll Navy X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-CoN-XS Coll Navy X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-COP-L Court Purple Large

840178GFS-NKE-COP-M Court Purple Medium

840178GFS-NKE-COP-S Court Purple Small

840178GFS-NKE-COP-XL Court Purple X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-COP-XS Court Purple X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-DMA-L Deep Maroon Large

840178GFS-NKE-DMA-M Deep Maroon Medium

840178GFS-NKE-DMA-S Deep Maroon Small

840178GFS-NKE-DMA-XL Deep Maroon X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-DMA-XS Deep Maroon X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-GAR-L Game Royal Large

840178GFS-NKE-GAR-M Game Royal Medium

840178GFS-NKE-GAR-S Game Royal Small

840178GFS-NKE-GAR-XL Game Royal X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-GAR-XS Game Royal X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-GRG-L Gorge Green Large

840178GFS-NKE-GRG-M Gorge Green Medium

840178GFS-NKE-GRG-S Gorge Green Small

840178GFS-NKE-GRG-XL Gorge Green X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-GRG-XS Gorge Green X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-SDN-L Sundown Large

840178GFS-NKE-SDN-M Sundown Medium

840178GFS-NKE-SDN-S Sundown Small

840178GFS-NKE-SDN-XL Sundown X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-SDN-XS Sundown X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-TCR-L Team Crimson Large

840178GFS-NKE-TCR-M Team Crimson Medium

840178GFS-NKE-TCR-S Team Crimson Small

840178GFS-NKE-TCR-XL Team Crimson X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-TCR-XS Team Crimson X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-TMR-L Team Maroon Large

840178GFS-NKE-TMR-M Team Maroon Medium

840178GFS-NKE-TMR-S Team Maroon Small

840178GFS-NKE-TMR-XL Team Maroon X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-TMR-XS Team Maroon X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-UR-L University Red Large

840178GFS-NKE-UR-M University Red Medium

840178GFS-NKE-UR-S University Red Small

840178GFS-NKE-UR-XL University Red X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-UR-XS University Red X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-VLL-L Valor Blue Large

840178GFS-NKE-VLL-M Valor Blue Medium

840178GFS-NKE-VLL-S Valor Blue Small

840178GFS-NKE-VLL-XL Valor Blue X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-VLL-XS Valor Blue X-Small

840178GFS-NKE-W-L White Large

840178GFS-NKE-W-M White Medium

840178GFS-NKE-W-S White Small

840178GFS-NKE-W-XL White X-Large

840178GFS-NKE-W-XS White X-Small

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Nike Legend S/S Youth Top
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