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mizuno women's attack tee 2.0

Product Info
Item Number: 440647 Brand: Mizuno Gender: Women Product Type: Volleyball Jerseys
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 2X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Black, Charcoal, LEMON, Navy, Diva Blue, Red, Royal, Shocking Pink, White
MSRP: $25.00
Call (800) 747-9013
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Updated with a crew-cut neckline, the Attack Tee 2.0 delivers as a favorite on the court. Great for use as a womens practice tshirt, alternate jersey, or coaches top, the cotton-feel fabric is soft and lightweight.

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Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
440647HK1-MIZ-B-L Black Large

440647HK1-MIZ-B-M Black Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-B-S Black Small

440647HK1-MIZ-B-XL Black X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-B-XS Black X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-B-xxs Black 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-L Charcoal Large

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-M Charcoal Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-S Charcoal Small

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-XL Charcoal X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-XS Charcoal X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-XXL Charcoal 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-CH-xxs Charcoal 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-L LEMON Large

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-M LEMON Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-S LEMON Small

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-XL LEMON X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-XS LEMON X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-XXL LEMON 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-LEM-xxs LEMON 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-N-L Navy Large

440647HK1-MIZ-N-M Navy Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-N-S Navy Small

440647HK1-MIZ-N-XL Navy X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-N-XS Navy X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-N-XXL Navy 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-N-xxs Navy 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-L Diva Blue Large

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-M Diva Blue Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-S Diva Blue Small

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-XL Diva Blue X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-XS Diva Blue X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-XXL Diva Blue 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-n63-xxs Diva Blue 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-R-L Red Large

440647HK1-MIZ-R-M Red Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-R-S Red Small

440647HK1-MIZ-R-XL Red X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-R-XS Red X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-R-XXL Red 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-R-xxs Red 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-L Royal Large

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-M Royal Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-S Royal Small

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-XL Royal X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-XS Royal X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-RY-xxs Royal 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-L Shocking Pink Large

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-M Shocking Pink Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-S Shocking Pink Small

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-XL Shocking Pink X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-XS Shocking Pink X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-XXL Shocking Pink 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-sk9-xxs Shocking Pink 2X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-W-L White Large

440647HK1-MIZ-W-M White Medium

440647HK1-MIZ-W-S White Small

440647HK1-MIZ-W-XL White X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-W-XS White X-Small

440647HK1-MIZ-W-XXL White 2X-Large

440647HK1-MIZ-W-xxs White 2X-Small

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Mizuno Women's Attack Tee 2.0
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