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mizuno prime 1/2 zip jacket

Product Info
Item Number: 440574 Brand: Mizuno Gender: Women Product Type: Warm Ups
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 2xsX-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Black/Electric Green, Black/White, Cardinal/Grey, Diva Blue/Black, Forest/Grey, Charcoal/Shocking Pink, Navy/White, Purple/Grey, Red/Black, Royal/Black
Price: $48.00
Call (800) 747-9013
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Wide cuffs with contrast sleeve color
Mizuno DryLite™ Technology for rapid evaporation and comfort
Women’s exclusive fit and pattern
All colors have silver zippers
Pairs perfectly with Elite 9 Pant with cuff and neck trip matching the Elite 9 Pant waistband trim
Materials: 90% Polyester with 10% Spandex®

Indicates that item is available through Mizuno.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-2xs Black/Electric Green 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-L Black/Electric Green Large

440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-M Black/Electric Green Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-S Black/Electric Green Small

440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-XL Black/Electric Green X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-XS Black/Electric Green X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-BEL-XXL Black/Electric Green 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-2xs Black/White 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-L Black/White Large

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-M Black/White Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-S Black/White Small

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-XL Black/White X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-XS Black/White X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-BW-XXL Black/White 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-2xs Cardinal/Grey 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-L Cardinal/Grey Large

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-M Cardinal/Grey Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-S Cardinal/Grey Small

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-XL Cardinal/Grey X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-XS Cardinal/Grey X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-CGY-XXL Cardinal/Grey 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-2xs Diva Blue/Black 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-L Diva Blue/Black Large

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-M Diva Blue/Black Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-S Diva Blue/Black Small

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-XL Diva Blue/Black X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-XS Diva Blue/Black X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-DLK-XXL Diva Blue/Black 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-2xs Forest/Grey 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-L Forest/Grey Large

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-M Forest/Grey Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-S Forest/Grey Small

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-XL Forest/Grey X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-XS Forest/Grey X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-FGY-XXL Forest/Grey 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-2xs Charcoal/Shocking Pink 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-L Charcoal/Shocking Pink Large

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-M Charcoal/Shocking Pink Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-S Charcoal/Shocking Pink Small

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-XL Charcoal/Shocking Pink X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-XS Charcoal/Shocking Pink X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-nBA-XXL Charcoal/Shocking Pink 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-2xs Navy/White 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-L Navy/White Large

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-M Navy/White Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-S Navy/White Small

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-XL Navy/White X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-XS Navy/White X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-NW-XXL Navy/White 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-2xs Purple/Grey 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-L Purple/Grey Large

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-M Purple/Grey Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-S Purple/Grey Small

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-XL Purple/Grey X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-XS Purple/Grey X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-PUG-XXL Purple/Grey 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-2xs Red/Black 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-L Red/Black Large

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-M Red/Black Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-S Red/Black Small

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-XL Red/Black X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-XS Red/Black X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-RB-XXL Red/Black 2X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-2xs Royal/Black 2xs

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-L Royal/Black Large

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-M Royal/Black Medium

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-S Royal/Black Small

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-XL Royal/Black X-Large

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-XS Royal/Black X-Small

440574EF4-MIZ-RYK-XXL Royal/Black 2X-Large

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Mizuno Prime 1/2 Zip Jacket
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