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mizuno short sleeve sublimated jersey

Product Info
Item Number: 440438 Brand: Mizuno Gender: Women Product Type: Volleyball Jerseys
Available Sizes
Sizes: 2X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
MSRP: $78.00
Call (800) 747-9013
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Please call (800) 747-9013 or Email us at to place an order or get a price quote.
This is a custom item. Please call to place your order. 800-747-9013

Your team can now have one-of-a-kind uniforms with Mizuno custom sublimated volleyball jerseys. Choose your colors, fonts and decorations and make your jerseys one of a kind.

Available in Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve & Cap Sleeve
All printing included in price (numbers, team name, logo, etc.)
Minimum order of 12 per style and per colorway
Average production time is 5-7 weeks, but can be as long as 8-10 weeks depending upon the time of year. Your team sales rep will confirm before your order is placed (this does not include shipping time).
Sublimation means the ink is dyed directly into the garment
Jersey is made of 84% Mizuno Drylite Polyester and 16% spandex
Fitted - Body hugging fit without restricting movement

Indicates that item is available through Mizuno.
Item ModelItem NumberSizeAvailable
440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-M-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-S-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-L Large

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-S-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-M-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-M Medium

440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-M-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-S-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-S Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-S-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-M-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-XL X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-M-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-S-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-XS X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-S-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-M-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-XXL 2X-Large

440438EH9-MIZ-ARC-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-ARM-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-BST-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-CHE-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-CMP-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-DIG-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-FAD-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-GRO-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-KEY-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-LIT-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-M-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-MOS-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-MOT-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-OMB-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-PRE-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-S-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-SET-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-SPT-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-TUR-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WAV-xxs 2X-Small

440438EH9-MIZ-WNG-xxs 2X-Small

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Mizuno Short Sleeve Sublimated Jersey
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