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mizuno techno generation l/s jersey

Product Info
Item Number: 440399 Brand: Mizuno Gender: Women Product Type: Team Jerseys
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 2X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Black/White, Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY, Cardinal/White, Electric Green/Black, Electric Purple/White, Navy/White, Red/White, Royal/White, White/Black
Price: $54.99
Call (800) 747-9013
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88% Mizuno Drylite Micro-fiver Polyester with 12% Spandex

-D.F. CUT for optimal motion.
-Revolutionary close-to-the-body design.
-Flat lock construction.
-Mizuno "Runbird" logo.
-Tagless care label.
-Drylite Technology for rapid evaporation and comfort.
-Stretch fabric for greater freedom of movement.
-Athletic fit.
-Legal "solid colored" jersey under new regulations for NCAA, USAV, and NFHS
-V-Neck style

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Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
44039985F-MIZ-BW-L Black/White Large

44039985F-MIZ-BW-M Black/White Medium

44039985F-MIZ-BW-S Black/White Small

44039985F-MIZ-BW-XL Black/White X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-BW-XS Black/White X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-BW-XXL Black/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-BW-xxs Black/White 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-COW-L Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY Large

44039985F-MIZ-COW-M Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY Medium

44039985F-MIZ-COW-S Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY Small1
44039985F-MIZ-COW-XL Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-COW-XS Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-COW-XXL Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-COW-xxs Columbia Blue/SILVER/NAVY 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-L Cardinal/White Large

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-M Cardinal/White Medium

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-S Cardinal/White Small

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-XL Cardinal/White X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-XS Cardinal/White X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-XXL Cardinal/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-CRW-xxs Cardinal/White 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-L Electric Green/Black Large

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-M Electric Green/Black Medium

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-S Electric Green/Black Small

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-XL Electric Green/Black X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-XS Electric Green/Black X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-XXL Electric Green/Black 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-EGB-xxs Electric Green/Black 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-EPW-L Electric Purple/White Large4
44039985F-MIZ-EPW-M Electric Purple/White Medium9
44039985F-MIZ-EPW-S Electric Purple/White Small9
44039985F-MIZ-EPW-XL Electric Purple/White X-Large2
44039985F-MIZ-EPW-XS Electric Purple/White X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-EPW-XXL Electric Purple/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-EPW-xxs Electric Purple/White 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-NW-L Navy/White Large

44039985F-MIZ-NW-M Navy/White Medium

44039985F-MIZ-NW-S Navy/White Small

44039985F-MIZ-NW-XL Navy/White X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-NW-XS Navy/White X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-NW-XXL Navy/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-NW-xxs Navy/White 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-PW-L Purple/White Large

44039985F-MIZ-PW-M Purple/White Medium

44039985F-MIZ-PW-S Purple/White Small

44039985F-MIZ-PW-XL Purple/White X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-PW-XS Purple/White X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-PW-XXL Purple/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-PW-xxs Purple/White 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-RW-L Red/White Large

44039985F-MIZ-RW-M Red/White Medium

44039985F-MIZ-RW-S Red/White Small

44039985F-MIZ-RW-XL Red/White X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-RW-XS Red/White X-Small1
44039985F-MIZ-RW-XXL Red/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-RW-xxs Red/White 2X-Small1
44039985F-MIZ-RYW-L Royal/White Large2
44039985F-MIZ-RYW-M Royal/White Medium

44039985F-MIZ-RYW-S Royal/White Small

44039985F-MIZ-RYW-XL Royal/White X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-RYW-XS Royal/White X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-RYW-XXL Royal/White 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-RYW-xxs Royal/White 2X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-WB-L White/Black Large6
44039985F-MIZ-WB-M White/Black Medium3
44039985F-MIZ-WB-S White/Black Small6
44039985F-MIZ-WB-XL White/Black X-Large4
44039985F-MIZ-WB-XS White/Black X-Small

44039985F-MIZ-WB-XXL White/Black 2X-Large

44039985F-MIZ-WB-xxs White/Black 2X-Small

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Mizuno Techno Generation L/S Jersey
Size & Fit


runs small runs large


runs narrow runs wide


runs short runs long
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