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adidas climalite shockwave sideline polo

Product Info
Item Number: 1873 Brand: Adidas Gender: Men Product Type: Casual Apparel
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large3X-Large
Colors: Coll Burgundy/White, Black/White, Coll Green/White, Coll Navy/White, Maroon/White, Onix/White, Coll Orange/White, Coll Purple/White, Coll Royal/White, Power Red/White, Sand/White, White/Onix
Price: $39.99
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1 - 12
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100% Polyester with flatlock seams. Contrast “Band
of Power” embellishment zone. Full rib-kit collar with
integranted jacquard mesh and contrast tipping along edge.
Embroidered adidas Performance logo.

Indicates that item is available through Adidas.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1873B3Z-ADI-BUC-3XL Coll Burgundy/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BUC-L Coll Burgundy/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BUC-M Coll Burgundy/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-BUC-S Coll Burgundy/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-BUC-XL Coll Burgundy/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BUC-XXL Coll Burgundy/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BW-3XL Black/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BW-L Black/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BW-M Black/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-BW-S Black/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-BW-XL Black/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-BW-XXL Black/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-GCW-3XL Coll Green/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-GCW-L Coll Green/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-GCW-M Coll Green/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-GCW-S Coll Green/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-GCW-XL Coll Green/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-GCW-XXL Coll Green/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-LNW-3XL Coll Navy/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-LNW-L Coll Navy/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-LNW-M Coll Navy/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-LNW-S Coll Navy/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-LNW-XL Coll Navy/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-LNW-XXL Coll Navy/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-MW-3XL Maroon/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-MW-L Maroon/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-MW-M Maroon/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-MW-S Maroon/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-MW-XL Maroon/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-MW-XXL Maroon/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ONW-3XL Onix/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ONW-L Onix/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ONW-M Onix/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-ONW-S Onix/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-ONW-XL Onix/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ONW-XXL Onix/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-OWC-3XL Coll Orange/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-OWC-L Coll Orange/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-OWC-M Coll Orange/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-OWC-S Coll Orange/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-OWC-XL Coll Orange/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-OWC-XXL Coll Orange/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-PCW-3XL Coll Purple/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-PCW-L Coll Purple/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-PCW-M Coll Purple/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-PCW-S Coll Purple/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-PCW-XL Coll Purple/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-PCW-XXL Coll Purple/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-RCW-3XL Coll Royal/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-RCW-L Coll Royal/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-RCW-M Coll Royal/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-RCW-S Coll Royal/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-RCW-XL Coll Royal/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-RCW-XXL Coll Royal/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ReW-3XL Power Red/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ReW-L Power Red/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ReW-M Power Red/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-ReW-S Power Red/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-ReW-XL Power Red/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-ReW-XXL Power Red/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WHD-3XL Sand/White 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WHD-L Sand/White Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WHD-M Sand/White Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-WHD-S Sand/White Small

1873B3Z-ADI-WHD-XL Sand/White X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WHD-XXL Sand/White 2X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WON-3XL White/Onix 3X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WON-L White/Onix Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WON-M White/Onix Medium

1873B3Z-ADI-WON-S White/Onix Small

1873B3Z-ADI-WON-XL White/Onix X-Large

1873B3Z-ADI-WON-XXL White/Onix 2X-Large

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Adidas Climalite Shockwave Sideline Polo
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