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ua block party l/s women's jersey

Product Info
Item Number: 1259048 Brand: Under Armour Gender: Women Product Type: Team Jerseys
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black, White/White/GRAPHITE, Black/Black/White, carolina blue/white/white, cardinal/cardinal/white, Forest Green/ white/ white, Graphite/graphite/white, Maroon/White/White, Midnight Navy/White/White, Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White, Purple/White/White, Tropic Pink/White/White, Royal/White/White, Red/White/White
Price: $49.99
Call (800) 747-9013
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Body: 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane
Mesh: 100% Polyester

The Under Armour Women's Block Party Long Sleeve Volleyball Jersey is perfect for all female volleyball players looking to stay comfortable and cool while battling their opponents. It is made with a soft, lightweight knit fabric that delivers the perfect balance of comfort and performance. The lightweight stretch construction improves mobility and gives you a full range of motion. The jersey is fitted, meaning where you go, the jersey will as well. It sits close to your skin for a streamlined fit, without any squeeze like the compression fit offers. The jersey includes color blocked sleeve insets that deliver enhanced ventilation, which will help you feel cool during training and games. It has a reinforced 2-ply forearm construction for extra durability and an open crew neck for enhanced comfort. This jersey is also NFHS compliant.

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Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1259048D4L-UA-2HV-L High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black Large

1259048D4L-UA-2HV-M High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black Medium

1259048D4L-UA-2HV-S High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black Small

1259048D4L-UA-2HV-XL High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-2HV-XS High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-2HV-XXL High-Vis Yellow/hvy/black 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-2WG-L White/White/GRAPHITE Large

1259048D4L-UA-2WG-M White/White/GRAPHITE Medium

1259048D4L-UA-2WG-S White/White/GRAPHITE Small

1259048D4L-UA-2WG-XL White/White/GRAPHITE X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-2WG-XS White/White/GRAPHITE X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-2WG-XXL White/White/GRAPHITE 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-BBW-L Black/Black/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-BBW-M Black/Black/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-BBW-S Black/Black/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-BBW-XL Black/Black/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-BBW-XS Black/Black/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-BBW-XXL Black/Black/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-CB2-L carolina blue/white/white Large

1259048D4L-UA-CB2-M carolina blue/white/white Medium

1259048D4L-UA-CB2-S carolina blue/white/white Small

1259048D4L-UA-CB2-XL carolina blue/white/white X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-CB2-XS carolina blue/white/white X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-CB2-XXL carolina blue/white/white 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-CW2-L cardinal/cardinal/white Large

1259048D4L-UA-CW2-M cardinal/cardinal/white Medium

1259048D4L-UA-CW2-S cardinal/cardinal/white Small

1259048D4L-UA-CW2-XL cardinal/cardinal/white X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-CW2-XS cardinal/cardinal/white X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-CW2-XXL cardinal/cardinal/white 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-F2W-L Forest Green/ white/ white Large

1259048D4L-UA-F2W-M Forest Green/ white/ white Medium

1259048D4L-UA-F2W-S Forest Green/ white/ white Small

1259048D4L-UA-F2W-XL Forest Green/ white/ white X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-F2W-XS Forest Green/ white/ white X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-F2W-XXL Forest Green/ white/ white 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-g2w-L Graphite/graphite/white Large

1259048D4L-UA-g2w-M Graphite/graphite/white Medium

1259048D4L-UA-g2w-S Graphite/graphite/white Small

1259048D4L-UA-g2w-XL Graphite/graphite/white X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-g2w-XS Graphite/graphite/white X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-g2w-XXL Graphite/graphite/white 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-MMM-L Maroon/White/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-MMM-M Maroon/White/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-MMM-S Maroon/White/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-MMM-XL Maroon/White/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-MMM-XS Maroon/White/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-MMM-XXL Maroon/White/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-MWW-L Midnight Navy/White/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-MWW-M Midnight Navy/White/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-MWW-S Midnight Navy/White/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-MWW-XL Midnight Navy/White/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-MWW-XS Midnight Navy/White/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-MWW-XXL Midnight Navy/White/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-NPW-L Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-NPW-M Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-NPW-S Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-NPW-XL Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-NPW-XS Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-NPW-XXL Neo Pulse/Neo Pulse/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-PUW-L Purple/White/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-PUW-M Purple/White/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-PUW-S Purple/White/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-PUW-XL Purple/White/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-PUW-XS Purple/White/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-PUW-XXL Purple/White/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-TRO-L Tropic Pink/White/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-TRO-M Tropic Pink/White/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-TRO-S Tropic Pink/White/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-TRO-XL Tropic Pink/White/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-TRO-XS Tropic Pink/White/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-TRO-XXL Tropic Pink/White/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-WLW-L Royal/White/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-WLW-M Royal/White/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-WLW-S Royal/White/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-WLW-XL Royal/White/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-WLW-XS Royal/White/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-WLW-XXL Royal/White/White 2X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-WWR-L Red/White/White Large

1259048D4L-UA-WWR-M Red/White/White Medium

1259048D4L-UA-WWR-S Red/White/White Small

1259048D4L-UA-WWR-XL Red/White/White X-Large

1259048D4L-UA-WWR-XS Red/White/White X-Small

1259048D4L-UA-WWR-XXL Red/White/White 2X-Large

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UA Block Party L/S Women's Jersey
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