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tyr durafast diamondfit suit

Product Info
Item Number: DDRF7 Brand: TYR Gender: Women Product Type: Guard Suit
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 22242628303234363840
Colors: Black, dark grey, Light Blue, Navy, Royal, Seafoam, Teal
Price: $64.99
Call 800 747-9013
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For starters, our exclusive collection of 100% Polyester training suits last three times longer than traditional Lycra(R). Youll also be pleased to discover that our quick drying Durafast has minimal moisture absorption and is soft, comfortable and easy on the skin. It has remarkable shape retention and memory thanks to a unique fabrication blend of polyester and PBT. In fact, not only is PBT a textured polyester yarn that has natural stretch characteristics, but it also provides exceptional chlorine resistance, refuses to fade and has a UPF 50+ rating for ultimate sun protection. Imagine that? A training suit that works as hard as you do.

Front lined. 100% Polyester PBT.

Indicates that item is available through TYR.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
DDRF7X52-TYR-B-22 Black 22

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-24 Black 24

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-26 Black 26

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-28 Black 28

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-30 Black 30

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-32 Black 32

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-34 Black 34

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-36 Black 36

DDRF7X52-TYR-B-38 Black 381
DDRF7X52-TYR-B-40 Black 40

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-22 dark grey 22

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-24 dark grey 24

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-26 dark grey 26

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-28 dark grey 28

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-30 dark grey 30

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-32 dark grey 32

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-34 dark grey 34

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-36 dark grey 36

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-38 dark grey 38

DDRF7X52-TYR-dgr-40 dark grey 40

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-22 Light Blue 22

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-24 Light Blue 24

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-26 Light Blue 26

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-28 Light Blue 28

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-30 Light Blue 30

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-32 Light Blue 32

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-34 Light Blue 34

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-36 Light Blue 36

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-38 Light Blue 38

DDRF7X52-TYR-LTL-40 Light Blue 40

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-22 Navy 221
DDRF7X52-TYR-N-24 Navy 241
DDRF7X52-TYR-N-26 Navy 26

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-28 Navy 28

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-30 Navy 30

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-32 Navy 32

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-34 Navy 34

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-36 Navy 36

DDRF7X52-TYR-N-38 Navy 383
DDRF7X52-TYR-N-40 Navy 401
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-22 Royal 22

DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-24 Royal 24

DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-26 Royal 263
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-28 Royal 284
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-30 Royal 302
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-32 Royal 324
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-34 Royal 343
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-36 Royal 361
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-38 Royal 382
DDRF7X52-TYR-RY-40 Royal 40

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-22 Seafoam 22

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-24 Seafoam 24

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-26 Seafoam 26

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-28 Seafoam 28

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-30 Seafoam 30

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-32 Seafoam 32

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-34 Seafoam 34

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-36 Seafoam 36

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-38 Seafoam 38

DDRF7X52-TYR-SEF-40 Seafoam 40

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-22 Teal 22

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-24 Teal 24

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-26 Teal 26

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-28 Teal 28

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-30 Teal 30

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-32 Teal 32

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-34 Teal 34

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-36 Teal 36

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-38 Teal 38

DDRF7X52-TYR-T-40 Teal 40

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TYR Durafast Diamondfit Suit
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