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ua qualifier hybrid women's warm-up pant

Product Info
Item Number: 1327445 Brand: Under Armour Gender: Women
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 2X-SmallMediumLargeX-LargeX-Large Tall2X-Large
Colors: Black, Black/White, Cardinal, Green, Maroon, Midnight Navy, Purple, Red, Royal, Steel Grey
Our Price: $70.00 $69.95
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Woven panels for added durability where you need it. UA Storm panels repel water
without sacrificing breathability. Encased elastic
waistband with ribbed back & interior drawcord. Slim, tapered leg fit.

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Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1327445I36-UA-B-L Black Large

1327445I36-UA-B-M Black Medium

1327445I36-UA-B-S Black Small

1327445I36-UA-B-XL Black X-Large

1327445I36-UA-B-XLT Black X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-B-XS Black X-Small

1327445I36-UA-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-B-xxs Black 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-BW-L Black/White Large

1327445I36-UA-BW-M Black/White Medium

1327445I36-UA-BW-S Black/White Small

1327445I36-UA-BW-XL Black/White X-Large

1327445I36-UA-BW-XLT Black/White X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-BW-XS Black/White X-Small

1327445I36-UA-BW-XXL Black/White 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-BW-xxs Black/White 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-CR-L Cardinal Large

1327445I36-UA-CR-M Cardinal Medium

1327445I36-UA-CR-S Cardinal Small

1327445I36-UA-CR-XL Cardinal X-Large

1327445I36-UA-CR-XLT Cardinal X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-CR-XS Cardinal X-Small

1327445I36-UA-CR-XXL Cardinal 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-CR-xxs Cardinal 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-G-L Green Large

1327445I36-UA-G-M Green Medium

1327445I36-UA-G-S Green Small

1327445I36-UA-G-XL Green X-Large

1327445I36-UA-G-XLT Green X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-G-XS Green X-Small

1327445I36-UA-G-XXL Green 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-G-xxs Green 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-M-L Maroon Large

1327445I36-UA-M-M Maroon Medium

1327445I36-UA-M-S Maroon Small

1327445I36-UA-M-XL Maroon X-Large

1327445I36-UA-M-XLT Maroon X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-M-XS Maroon X-Small

1327445I36-UA-M-XXL Maroon 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-M-xxs Maroon 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-MII-L Midnight Navy Large

1327445I36-UA-MII-M Midnight Navy Medium

1327445I36-UA-MII-S Midnight Navy Small

1327445I36-UA-MII-XL Midnight Navy X-Large

1327445I36-UA-MII-XLT Midnight Navy X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-MII-XS Midnight Navy X-Small

1327445I36-UA-MII-XXL Midnight Navy 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-MII-xxs Midnight Navy 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-P-L Purple Large

1327445I36-UA-P-M Purple Medium

1327445I36-UA-P-S Purple Small

1327445I36-UA-P-XL Purple X-Large

1327445I36-UA-P-XLT Purple X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-P-XS Purple X-Small

1327445I36-UA-P-XXL Purple 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-P-xxs Purple 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-R-L Red Large

1327445I36-UA-R-M Red Medium

1327445I36-UA-R-S Red Small

1327445I36-UA-R-XL Red X-Large

1327445I36-UA-R-XLT Red X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-R-XS Red X-Small

1327445I36-UA-R-XXL Red 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-R-xxs Red 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-RY-L Royal Large

1327445I36-UA-RY-M Royal Medium

1327445I36-UA-RY-S Royal Small

1327445I36-UA-RY-XL Royal X-Large

1327445I36-UA-RY-XLT Royal X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-RY-XS Royal X-Small

1327445I36-UA-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-RY-xxs Royal 2X-Small

1327445I36-UA-SEE-L Steel Grey Large

1327445I36-UA-SEE-M Steel Grey Medium

1327445I36-UA-SEE-S Steel Grey Small

1327445I36-UA-SEE-XL Steel Grey X-Large

1327445I36-UA-SEE-XLT Steel Grey X-Large Tall

1327445I36-UA-SEE-XS Steel Grey X-Small

1327445I36-UA-SEE-XXL Steel Grey 2X-Large

1327445I36-UA-SEE-xxs Steel Grey 2X-Small

Product Reviews: ua qualifier hybrid women's warm-up pant
UA Qualifier Hybrid Women's Warm-Up Pant
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