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adidas utl women's pant

Product Info
Item Number: ADI017 Brand: Adidas Gender: Women
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumMedium TallLargeLarge TallX-LargeX-Large Tall2X-Large2X-Large Tall
Colors: Black/White, Dark Green/White, Grey/White, Maroon/White, Navy/White, Red/White, Royal/White
Price: $65.00
Call (800) 747-9013
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adidas technology helps you feel comfortable and ready.
AEROREADY absorbs moisture and makes you feel dry.
Provides comfortable wearing and keeps your back cool
65% Recycled Double Knit Polyester/35% Double Knit Polyester
Tapered leg
Side leg zippers
Zippered pockets on pant
Rubberized high-density print adidas logo
Inseam: 27.5 Size L, 29.5" Size LT
Regular fit

Indicates that item is available through Adidas.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-2XT Black/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-L Black/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-LT Black/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-M Black/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-MT Black/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-S Black/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-XL Black/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-XLT Black/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-XS Black/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-BW-XXL Black/White 2X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-2XT Dark Green/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-L Dark Green/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-LT Dark Green/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-M Dark Green/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-MT Dark Green/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-S Dark Green/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-XL Dark Green/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-XLT Dark Green/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-XS Dark Green/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-DGW-XXL Dark Green/White 2X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-2XT Grey/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-L Grey/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-LT Grey/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-M Grey/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-MT Grey/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-S Grey/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-XL Grey/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-XLT Grey/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-XS Grey/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-GEW-XXL Grey/White 2X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-2XT Maroon/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-L Maroon/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-LT Maroon/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-M Maroon/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-MT Maroon/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-S Maroon/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-XL Maroon/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-XLT Maroon/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-XS Maroon/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-MW-XXL Maroon/White 2X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-2XT Navy/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-L Navy/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-LT Navy/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-M Navy/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-MT Navy/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-S Navy/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-XL Navy/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-XLT Navy/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-XS Navy/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-NW-XXL Navy/White 2X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-2XT Red/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-L Red/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-LT Red/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-M Red/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-MT Red/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-S Red/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-XL Red/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-XLT Red/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-XS Red/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-RW-XXL Red/White 2X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-2XT Royal/White 2X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-L Royal/White Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-LT Royal/White Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-M Royal/White Medium

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-MT Royal/White Medium Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-S Royal/White Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-XL Royal/White X-Large

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-XLT Royal/White X-Large Tall

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-XS Royal/White X-Small

ADI017JKR-ADI-RYW-XXL Royal/White 2X-Large

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Adidas UTL Women's Pant
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