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augusta attain wicking youth tee

Product Info
Item Number: 4791 Brand: Augusta Sportswear Gender: Youth
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: Youth Extra SmallYouth SmallYouth MediumYouth LargeYouth X-Large
Colors: Black, Dark Green, Electric Yellow, Graphite, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, Silver, White
Price: $9.99
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1 - 11
12 - 23
24 - 35
36 - 71
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100% polyester wicking knit with color secure® technology that helps prevent dye migration
Wicks moisture
Longer length and bigger chest for added comfort
Set-in sleeves
Tearaway label

Indicates that item is available through Augusta Sportswear.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
4791IWS-AUG-B-YL Black Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-B-YM Black Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-B-YS Black Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-B-YXL Black Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-B-YXS Black Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-DG-YL Dark Green Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-DG-YM Dark Green Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-DG-YS Dark Green Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-DG-YXL Dark Green Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-DG-YXS Dark Green Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-EY-YL Electric Yellow Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-EY-YM Electric Yellow Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-EY-YS Electric Yellow Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-EY-YXL Electric Yellow Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-EY-YXS Electric Yellow Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-GPH-YL Graphite Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-GPH-YM Graphite Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-GPH-YS Graphite Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-GPH-YXL Graphite Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-GPH-YXS Graphite Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-M-YL Maroon Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-M-YM Maroon Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-M-YS Maroon Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-M-YXL Maroon Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-M-YXS Maroon Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-N-YL Navy Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-N-YM Navy Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-N-YS Navy Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-N-YXL Navy Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-N-YXS Navy Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-O-YL Orange Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-O-YM Orange Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-O-YS Orange Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-O-YXL Orange Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-O-YXS Orange Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-P-YL Purple Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-P-YM Purple Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-P-YS Purple Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-P-YXL Purple Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-P-YXS Purple Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-R-YL Red Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-R-YM Red Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-R-YS Red Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-R-YXL Red Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-R-YXS Red Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-RY-YL Royal Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-RY-YM Royal Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-RY-YS Royal Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-RY-YXL Royal Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-RY-YXS Royal Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-SV-YL Silver Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-SV-YM Silver Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-SV-YS Silver Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-SV-YXL Silver Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-SV-YXS Silver Youth Extra Small

4791IWS-AUG-W-YL White Youth Large

4791IWS-AUG-W-YM White Youth Medium

4791IWS-AUG-W-YS White Youth Small

4791IWS-AUG-W-YXL White Youth X-Large

4791IWS-AUG-W-YXS White Youth Extra Small

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Augusta Attain Wicking Youth Tee
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