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holloway youth breakout hoodie

Product Info
Item Number: 229288 Brand: Holloway Gender: Youth
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large
Colors: Bright Blue/Grey, Black/Grey, Bright Yellow/Vintage Grey, Cardinal/Grey, Forest/Grey, Graphite/White, Kelly/Grey, Navy/Vintage Grey, Orange/Grey, Purple/Grey, Scarlet/Grey, Royal/Grey, White/Grey
Price: $33.99
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Break the mold with the BREAKOUT HOODIE from Holloway Sportswear. Made from 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, this fleece hoodie has an ultra-soft feel from hood to hem. Despite its warmth, it remains lightweight at a mere 9 ounces of comfort. It's perfect as a track hoodie, warm up hoodie, or any activities where an athletic hoodie is needed -- even if you're just lounging on the couch. Cinched cuffs and hem work perfectly with the semi-fitted style. Chunky rib-knit side and shoulder inserts add an extra layer of comfort without adding on weight. Keep your hands snug in the large front pouch pocket as you wait your turn to be the star of the game.
Youth Warmups
Size: 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20

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Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
229288E52-HOL-BG3-L Bright Blue/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-BG3-M Bright Blue/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-BG3-S Bright Blue/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-BG3-XL Bright Blue/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-BGR-L Black/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-BGR-M Black/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-BGR-S Black/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-BGR-XL Black/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-BYV-L Bright Yellow/Vintage Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-BYV-M Bright Yellow/Vintage Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-BYV-S Bright Yellow/Vintage Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-BYV-XL Bright Yellow/Vintage Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-CGY-L Cardinal/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-CGY-M Cardinal/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-CGY-S Cardinal/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-CGY-XL Cardinal/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-FGY-L Forest/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-FGY-M Forest/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-FGY-S Forest/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-FGY-XL Forest/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-GPW-L Graphite/White Large

229288E52-HOL-GPW-M Graphite/White Medium

229288E52-HOL-GPW-S Graphite/White Small

229288E52-HOL-GPW-XL Graphite/White X-Large

229288E52-HOL-kgy-L Kelly/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-kgy-M Kelly/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-kgy-S Kelly/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-kgy-XL Kelly/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-NVR-L Navy/Vintage Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-NVR-M Navy/Vintage Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-NVR-S Navy/Vintage Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-NVR-XL Navy/Vintage Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-ogy-L Orange/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-ogy-M Orange/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-ogy-S Orange/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-ogy-XL Orange/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-PUG-L Purple/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-PUG-M Purple/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-PUG-S Purple/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-PUG-XL Purple/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-QGY-L Scarlet/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-QGY-M Scarlet/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-QGY-S Scarlet/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-QGY-XL Scarlet/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-RYY-L Royal/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-RYY-M Royal/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-RYY-S Royal/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-RYY-XL Royal/Grey X-Large

229288E52-HOL-WGR-L White/Grey Large

229288E52-HOL-WGR-M White/Grey Medium

229288E52-HOL-WGR-S White/Grey Small

229288E52-HOL-WGR-XL White/Grey X-Large

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Holloway Youth Breakout Hoodie
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