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holloway prism ladies polo

Product Info
Item Number: 222768 Brand: Holloway Gender: Women
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Black, Carbon, Columbia Blue, Cardinal, Dark Green, Kelly, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Scarlet, Royal, White
Price: $36.99
Call (800) 747-9013
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Work with confidence in the Ladies Prism Polo from Holloway. Featuring Dry-Excel™ that helps wick moisture and UV SafeShield that protects against the sun, you can be sure to stay dry and comfortable in or out of the office!

Dry-Excel™ 4.8 ounce 100% polyester wicking honeycomb knit
UV SafeShield protects against the sun with 50+ UPF
Wicks moisture
Tagless label
Rib-knit collar with engineered mesh construction for breathability
Three button placket
Set-in sleeves with angled shoulder seam for mobility and comfort
Side vents
FABRIC: Polyester

Indicates that item is available through Holloway.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
222768JP1-HOL-B-L Black Large

222768JP1-HOL-B-M Black Medium

222768JP1-HOL-B-S Black Small

222768JP1-HOL-B-XL Black X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-B-XS Black X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-CBN-L Carbon Large

222768JP1-HOL-CBN-M Carbon Medium

222768JP1-HOL-CBN-S Carbon Small

222768JP1-HOL-CBN-XL Carbon X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-CBN-XS Carbon X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-CBN-XXL Carbon 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-COL-L Columbia Blue Large

222768JP1-HOL-COL-M Columbia Blue Medium

222768JP1-HOL-COL-S Columbia Blue Small

222768JP1-HOL-COL-XL Columbia Blue X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-COL-XS Columbia Blue X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-COL-XXL Columbia Blue 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-CR-L Cardinal Large

222768JP1-HOL-CR-M Cardinal Medium

222768JP1-HOL-CR-S Cardinal Small

222768JP1-HOL-CR-XL Cardinal X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-CR-XS Cardinal X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-CR-XXL Cardinal 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-DG-L Dark Green Large

222768JP1-HOL-DG-M Dark Green Medium

222768JP1-HOL-DG-S Dark Green Small

222768JP1-HOL-DG-XL Dark Green X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-DG-XS Dark Green X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-DG-XXL Dark Green 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-K-L Kelly Large

222768JP1-HOL-K-M Kelly Medium

222768JP1-HOL-K-S Kelly Small

222768JP1-HOL-K-XL Kelly X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-K-XS Kelly X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-K-XXL Kelly 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-LM-L Lime Large

222768JP1-HOL-LM-M Lime Medium

222768JP1-HOL-LM-S Lime Small

222768JP1-HOL-LM-XL Lime X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-LM-XS Lime X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-LM-XXL Lime 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-M-L Maroon Large

222768JP1-HOL-M-M Maroon Medium

222768JP1-HOL-M-S Maroon Small

222768JP1-HOL-M-XL Maroon X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-M-XS Maroon X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-M-XXL Maroon 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-N-L Navy Large

222768JP1-HOL-N-M Navy Medium

222768JP1-HOL-N-S Navy Small

222768JP1-HOL-N-XL Navy X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-N-XS Navy X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-N-XXL Navy 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-O-L Orange Large

222768JP1-HOL-O-M Orange Medium

222768JP1-HOL-O-S Orange Small

222768JP1-HOL-O-XL Orange X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-O-XS Orange X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-O-XXL Orange 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-P-L Purple Large

222768JP1-HOL-P-M Purple Medium

222768JP1-HOL-P-S Purple Small

222768JP1-HOL-P-XL Purple X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-P-XS Purple X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-P-XXL Purple 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-Q-L Scarlet Large

222768JP1-HOL-Q-M Scarlet Medium

222768JP1-HOL-Q-S Scarlet Small

222768JP1-HOL-Q-XL Scarlet X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-Q-XS Scarlet X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-Q-XXL Scarlet 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-RY-L Royal Large

222768JP1-HOL-RY-M Royal Medium

222768JP1-HOL-RY-S Royal Small

222768JP1-HOL-RY-XL Royal X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-RY-XS Royal X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-W-L White Large

222768JP1-HOL-W-M White Medium

222768JP1-HOL-W-S White Small

222768JP1-HOL-W-XL White X-Large

222768JP1-HOL-W-XS White X-Small

222768JP1-HOL-W-XXL White 2X-Large

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Holloway Prism Ladies Polo
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