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under armour tech 2.0 short sleeve

Product Info
Item Number: 1345317 Brand: Under Armour
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Stadium Green, Cosmos, Ash Plum, Academy, Brilliant Blue, Black, Beta, Emotion Blue, Halo Gray, Isotape Blue, Khaki, Marine Green, Midnight Navy, Pitch Grey, Red, River, Radar Blue, Royal, Washed Blue
Price: $25.00
Call (800) 747-9013
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UA Tech™ fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel
Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes
Machine wash cold with like colors
Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed
Tumble dry low
Do not iron
Do not use softeners
Do not dry clean

Indicates that item is available through Under Armour.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1345317JT5-UA-5SG-L Stadium Green Large

1345317JT5-UA-5SG-M Stadium Green Medium

1345317JT5-UA-5SG-S Stadium Green Small

1345317JT5-UA-5SG-XL Stadium Green X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-5SG-XXL Stadium Green 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-9C9-L Cosmos Large

1345317JT5-UA-9C9-M Cosmos Medium

1345317JT5-UA-9C9-S Cosmos Small

1345317JT5-UA-9C9-XL Cosmos X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-9C9-XXL Cosmos 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-A9J-L Ash Plum Large

1345317JT5-UA-A9J-M Ash Plum Medium

1345317JT5-UA-A9J-S Ash Plum Small

1345317JT5-UA-A9J-XL Ash Plum X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-A9J-XXL Ash Plum 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-AC-L Academy Large

1345317JT5-UA-AC-M Academy Medium

1345317JT5-UA-AC-S Academy Small

1345317JT5-UA-AC-XL Academy X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-AC-XXL Academy 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-ANL-L Brilliant Blue Large

1345317JT5-UA-ANL-M Brilliant Blue Medium

1345317JT5-UA-ANL-S Brilliant Blue Small

1345317JT5-UA-ANL-XL Brilliant Blue X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-ANL-XXL Brilliant Blue 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-B-L Black Large

1345317JT5-UA-B-M Black Medium

1345317JT5-UA-B-S Black Small

1345317JT5-UA-B-XL Black X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-BT8-L Beta Large

1345317JT5-UA-BT8-M Beta Medium

1345317JT5-UA-BT8-S Beta Small

1345317JT5-UA-BT8-XL Beta X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-BT8-XXL Beta 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-EK8-L Emotion Blue Large

1345317JT5-UA-EK8-M Emotion Blue Medium

1345317JT5-UA-EK8-S Emotion Blue Small

1345317JT5-UA-EK8-XL Emotion Blue X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-EK8-XXL Emotion Blue 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-HAG-L Halo Gray Large

1345317JT5-UA-HAG-M Halo Gray Medium

1345317JT5-UA-HAG-S Halo Gray Small

1345317JT5-UA-HAG-XL Halo Gray X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-HAG-XXL Halo Gray 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-IB9-L Isotape Blue Large

1345317JT5-UA-IB9-M Isotape Blue Medium

1345317JT5-UA-IB9-S Isotape Blue Small

1345317JT5-UA-IB9-XL Isotape Blue X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-IB9-XXL Isotape Blue 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-KH-L Khaki Large

1345317JT5-UA-KH-M Khaki Medium

1345317JT5-UA-KH-S Khaki Small

1345317JT5-UA-KH-XL Khaki X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-KH-XXL Khaki 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-MG7-L Marine Green Large

1345317JT5-UA-MG7-M Marine Green Medium

1345317JT5-UA-MG7-S Marine Green Small

1345317JT5-UA-MG7-XL Marine Green X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-MG7-XXL Marine Green 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-MII-L Midnight Navy Large

1345317JT5-UA-MII-M Midnight Navy Medium

1345317JT5-UA-MII-S Midnight Navy Small

1345317JT5-UA-MII-XL Midnight Navy X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-MII-XXL Midnight Navy 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-PG6-L Pitch Grey Large

1345317JT5-UA-PG6-M Pitch Grey Medium

1345317JT5-UA-PG6-S Pitch Grey Small

1345317JT5-UA-PG6-XL Pitch Grey X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-PG6-XXL Pitch Grey 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-R-L Red Large

1345317JT5-UA-R-M Red Medium

1345317JT5-UA-R-S Red Small

1345317JT5-UA-R-XL Red X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-R-XXL Red 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-R84-L River Large

1345317JT5-UA-R84-M River Medium

1345317JT5-UA-R84-S River Small

1345317JT5-UA-R84-XL River X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-R84-XXL River 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-RB8-L Radar Blue Large

1345317JT5-UA-RB8-M Radar Blue Medium

1345317JT5-UA-RB8-S Radar Blue Small

1345317JT5-UA-RB8-XL Radar Blue X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-RB8-XXL Radar Blue 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-RY-L Royal Large

1345317JT5-UA-RY-M Royal Medium

1345317JT5-UA-RY-S Royal Small

1345317JT5-UA-RY-XL Royal X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-WJ8-L Washed Blue Large

1345317JT5-UA-WJ8-M Washed Blue Medium

1345317JT5-UA-WJ8-S Washed Blue Small

1345317JT5-UA-WJ8-XL Washed Blue X-Large

1345317JT5-UA-WJ8-XXL Washed Blue 2X-Large

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Under Armour Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve
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