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under armour tech tee men's

Product Info
Item Number: 1326413 Brand: Under Armour Gender: Men
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large3X-Large
Colors: Stadium Green, Cosmos, Ash Plum, Academy, Brilliant Blue, Black, Blazing Orange, Baroque Green, Breeze, Carbon Heather, Dark Maroon, Electric Blue, High-Vis Yellow, Light Steel Heather, Phoenix Fire, Pink Shock, Red, River, Radar Blue, royal, Steel Grey/Heather, Starlight, Tech Blue, Venom Red, White
Price: $25.00
Call (800) 747-9013
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UA Tech™ fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel
Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes
New, streamlined fit & shaped hem
Style #: 1326413
100% Polyester

Indicates that item is available through Under Armour.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1326413JT0-UA-5SG-3XL Stadium Green 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-5SG-L Stadium Green Large

1326413JT0-UA-5SG-M Stadium Green Medium

1326413JT0-UA-5SG-S Stadium Green Small

1326413JT0-UA-5SG-XL Stadium Green X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-5SG-XXL Stadium Green 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-9C9-3XL Cosmos 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-9C9-L Cosmos Large

1326413JT0-UA-9C9-M Cosmos Medium

1326413JT0-UA-9C9-S Cosmos Small

1326413JT0-UA-9C9-XL Cosmos X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-9C9-XXL Cosmos 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-A9J-3XL Ash Plum 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-A9J-L Ash Plum Large

1326413JT0-UA-A9J-M Ash Plum Medium

1326413JT0-UA-A9J-S Ash Plum Small

1326413JT0-UA-A9J-XL Ash Plum X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-A9J-XXL Ash Plum 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-AC-3XL Academy 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-AC-L Academy Large

1326413JT0-UA-AC-M Academy Medium

1326413JT0-UA-AC-S Academy Small

1326413JT0-UA-AC-XL Academy X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-AC-XXL Academy 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ANL-3XL Brilliant Blue 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ANL-L Brilliant Blue Large

1326413JT0-UA-ANL-M Brilliant Blue Medium

1326413JT0-UA-ANL-S Brilliant Blue Small

1326413JT0-UA-ANL-XL Brilliant Blue X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ANL-XXL Brilliant Blue 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-B-3XL Black 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-B-L Black Large

1326413JT0-UA-B-M Black Medium

1326413JT0-UA-B-S Black Small

1326413JT0-UA-B-XL Black X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BO5-3XL Blazing Orange 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BO5-L Blazing Orange Large

1326413JT0-UA-BO5-M Blazing Orange Medium

1326413JT0-UA-BO5-S Blazing Orange Small

1326413JT0-UA-BO5-XL Blazing Orange X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BO5-XXL Blazing Orange 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BQG-3XL Baroque Green 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BQG-L Baroque Green Large

1326413JT0-UA-BQG-M Baroque Green Medium

1326413JT0-UA-BQG-S Baroque Green Small

1326413JT0-UA-BQG-XL Baroque Green X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BQG-XXL Baroque Green 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BZE-3XL Breeze 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BZE-L Breeze Large

1326413JT0-UA-BZE-M Breeze Medium

1326413JT0-UA-BZE-S Breeze Small

1326413JT0-UA-BZE-XL Breeze X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-BZE-XXL Breeze 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-CBH-3XL Carbon Heather 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-CBH-L Carbon Heather Large

1326413JT0-UA-CBH-M Carbon Heather Medium

1326413JT0-UA-CBH-S Carbon Heather Small

1326413JT0-UA-CBH-XL Carbon Heather X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-CBH-XXL Carbon Heather 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-DM-3XL Dark Maroon 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-DM-L Dark Maroon Large

1326413JT0-UA-DM-M Dark Maroon Medium

1326413JT0-UA-DM-S Dark Maroon Small

1326413JT0-UA-DM-XL Dark Maroon X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-DM-XXL Dark Maroon 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-EL-3XL Electric Blue 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-EL-L Electric Blue Large

1326413JT0-UA-EL-M Electric Blue Medium

1326413JT0-UA-EL-S Electric Blue Small

1326413JT0-UA-EL-XL Electric Blue X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-EL-XXL Electric Blue 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-HVY-3XL High-Vis Yellow 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-HVY-L High-Vis Yellow Large

1326413JT0-UA-HVY-M High-Vis Yellow Medium

1326413JT0-UA-HVY-S High-Vis Yellow Small

1326413JT0-UA-HVY-XL High-Vis Yellow X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-HVY-XXL High-Vis Yellow 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-LSH-3XL Light Steel Heather 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-LSH-L Light Steel Heather Large

1326413JT0-UA-LSH-M Light Steel Heather Medium

1326413JT0-UA-LSH-S Light Steel Heather Small

1326413JT0-UA-LSH-XL Light Steel Heather X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-LSH-XXL Light Steel Heather 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-PF3-3XL Phoenix Fire 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-PF3-L Phoenix Fire Large

1326413JT0-UA-PF3-M Phoenix Fire Medium

1326413JT0-UA-PF3-S Phoenix Fire Small

1326413JT0-UA-PF3-XL Phoenix Fire X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-PF3-XXL Phoenix Fire 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-PSC-3XL Pink Shock 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-PSC-L Pink Shock Large

1326413JT0-UA-PSC-M Pink Shock Medium

1326413JT0-UA-PSC-S Pink Shock Small

1326413JT0-UA-PSC-XL Pink Shock X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-PSC-XXL Pink Shock 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-R-3XL Red 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-R-L Red Large

1326413JT0-UA-R-M Red Medium

1326413JT0-UA-R-S Red Small

1326413JT0-UA-R-XL Red X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-R-XXL Red 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-R84-3XL River 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-R84-L River Large

1326413JT0-UA-R84-M River Medium

1326413JT0-UA-R84-S River Small

1326413JT0-UA-R84-XL River X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-R84-XXL River 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-RB8-3XL Radar Blue 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-RB8-L Radar Blue Large

1326413JT0-UA-RB8-M Radar Blue Medium

1326413JT0-UA-RB8-S Radar Blue Small

1326413JT0-UA-RB8-XL Radar Blue X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-RB8-XXL Radar Blue 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ryl-3XL royal 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ryl-L royal Large

1326413JT0-UA-ryl-M royal Medium

1326413JT0-UA-ryl-S royal Small

1326413JT0-UA-ryl-XL royal X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ryl-XXL royal 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-SH2-3XL Steel Grey/Heather 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-SH2-L Steel Grey/Heather Large

1326413JT0-UA-SH2-M Steel Grey/Heather Medium

1326413JT0-UA-SH2-S Steel Grey/Heather Small

1326413JT0-UA-SH2-XL Steel Grey/Heather X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-SH2-XXL Steel Grey/Heather 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ST9-3XL Starlight 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ST9-L Starlight Large

1326413JT0-UA-ST9-M Starlight Medium

1326413JT0-UA-ST9-S Starlight Small

1326413JT0-UA-ST9-XL Starlight X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-ST9-XXL Starlight 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-TB9-3XL Tech Blue 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-TB9-L Tech Blue Large

1326413JT0-UA-TB9-M Tech Blue Medium

1326413JT0-UA-TB9-S Tech Blue Small

1326413JT0-UA-TB9-XL Tech Blue X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-TB9-XXL Tech Blue 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-VNR-3XL Venom Red 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-VNR-L Venom Red Large

1326413JT0-UA-VNR-M Venom Red Medium

1326413JT0-UA-VNR-S Venom Red Small

1326413JT0-UA-VNR-XL Venom Red X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-VNR-XXL Venom Red 2X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-W-3XL White 3X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-W-L White Large

1326413JT0-UA-W-M White Medium

1326413JT0-UA-W-S White Small

1326413JT0-UA-W-XL White X-Large

1326413JT0-UA-W-XXL White 2X-Large

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